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Réalisée par :Mail<br >Date :Janvier 2006<br >Allan : Before starting to speak about your work, could you present yourselves to our readers who discovered you only last year in France ?
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“color: #993300;”>Steven : Um. How do you do?

Allan : Since you are the first American author whom I interview, I would like to ask you how the literatures of imaginary in the United States are perceived; are they regarded as in France like
an”under-literature” or “literature of station” ?
Steven : I’d say generally, yes. But it’s more complicated than that. There are, I believe, far more
readers per capita in France than in the US. Someone who reads at all is a little unusual here, so reading (or writing) «under-literature» is less of an issue.

Allan : Is it easy to be made publish ?
Steven : I’d say yes. It must be; I managed.

Allan : You are regarded as one of the best authors of american fantasy, and yet the first of your novels has been published in France in 2005 (whereas the first American publication goes back to 1983): can you say to us how is held the crossing of the borders for a writer ?
Steven : You know, I really can’t. I try very hard to avoid knowing anything about the business side of things; it just interferes with my work. However, I should point out that there was a French edition of AGYAR several years ago.

Allan : And when I speak about the shift in time, that must also imply other shifts: for example, perhaps had you have made references to current events of that time : then, the risk to lose a part of the text orto make it less comprehensible is very present… Isn’t it something which worries you when a so late translation is announced to you ?
Steven : It seems to me that if a work of fiction is limited to the moment, it is inherently weak. I try very hard to avoid that. I don’t know that I always succeed, but I try.

Allan : Which are the authors who represents best, by your means, the fantasy as much at the
“old hand” that at the “new comers”
Steven : Oh! Hmm. No idea. I don’t keep up with the field enough to have an intelligent opinion on that.

Allan : A related question which come from our chauvinism 😉 : Have you already read some French author’s works ?
Steven : Well, of course, as everyone who knows my work is aware, I adore Dumas. I rate him with Mark Twain, Roger Zelazny, and Patrick O’Brian is one of my four favorite writers ever.

Allan : What was you reaction when you’ve read the remarks of Tad Williams speaking about you : “Steven Brust might just be America’s best fantasy writer”
Steven : I thought, «Aw, Tad is such a nice guy.»

Allan : We discovered in France, the first volume of the adventures of Vlad Taltos, Jhereg (Yendi is scheduled for mid-January 2006): then the first thing which comes to my mind is why having made the choice of an assassin like central character, it is however not usual? (important precision: The Black Company of Glen Cook was not published yet)
Steven : Have you read Cook’s stuff? I love it! Why did I do that? Because I thought it was cool. I was having fun. I’m still having fun.

Allan : he avatar who go with Vlad and Vlad himself are very psychologically linked : does one have to see there the “animal” spirit of the killer?
Steven : I think you have to be as honest as possible about consequences, both internal and external. I don’t know how well I’ve managed, but that’s my goal.

Allan : Your story is not mostly on the engagements as it is often the case in works of
Fantasy: did you voluntarily exchange the usual “physical” aspect for a more considered side?
Steven : The thing that fascinates me is what is happening inside someone’s head in a moment of crisis. The thing that delights me is the banter and wit before and after the fight. Does that answer the question?

Allan : Isn’t this way of making turn the various houses to the head of the policy a means of
referring toBuddhism and the wheel of fortune?
Steven : Well, I think it makes just as much sense. But I wasn’t consciously playing off that.

Allan : It is quite difficult to speak about your style since I read in French Jhereg: how that occurs it on the level from the translation: do you have a right of glance? Does your agent supervise itself the foreign editions?
Steven : Alas, no. I do not speak the beautiful French language, so I have just hope for the best.
Allan : I must confess that I just can’t wait the sequal : then do you accept to tell me which will be th eevolutions of the characters? and in particular the question which turns in my mind since I’ve closedthe last page: Is he really gonna keep both Jhereg ?
Steven : I can tell you that: yes he is.

Allan : Steven, in France will be published in April: “The Gipsy» : What reasons make you write together with Megan ?
Steven : It was fun; no other reason.

Allan : Why Megan Lindholm ?
Steven : She’s a brilliant writer and a joy to work with.

Allan : What is the way to success a four hands writing?
Steven : Write something you wish someone else had written, because you want to read it. Then hope others like it too.

Allan : What are your projects? Is Dzur always of topicality for August? (Dzur will be the 11th volume of Vlad Taltos)
Steven : I’m just starting another Vlad novel, and I’m writing my first media tie-in novel, based on the TV show «Firefly» and the movie «Serenity.» I doubt anyone will publish it, however. But it’s a lot of fun.

Allan : Which share do you grant to the request – such our – in your planning ? Are contacts with fans essential ?
Steven : Not essential, but I enjoy them.

Allan : What can ones wish you for the continuation ?
Steven : Nothing comes to mind

Allan : An usual question we ask : do you visite our website and if yes, what do you think about ?
Steven : Alas, not speaking French, I can’t follow it.<br ><br >

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