Interview : Patrick Rothfuss

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Date :Juin 2009
Allan : The less we can say about The Name of the Wind is that it is a success : how do we feel when your first book find directly a large public ?
Patrick: When you’re 14 years old, you think being an author will be like being a rockstar. You think people will recognise you in public and as for your autograph. You think you’ll get fanmail. You think you’ll be famous…
Then you grow up and realize that most writers don’t get published, and the ones that do get published usually have to hold down a second job to make ends meet. You realize authors really aren’t famous. Not like that.
But the funny thing is, since the book was published, all those things have actually happened to me. I’ve been very lucky with all my publishers and translators, and the book has really taken off. I do getfanmail . A ridiculous amount. I did quit my day job and have paid off all my credit cards. Someone recognised me in the Manchester train station two weeks ago. It’s surreal….

Allan : What are your sources ?
Patrick: I read a lot. Too many books, if I started naming them we’d be here all day. Starting around the 5th grade I read about a novel a day, two if they were short. Most of it is fantasy or sci-fi.
That said, I never read a book and thought, “Wow, I want to write a book just like this.” I thought, “Wow, I want to write something *as good as* this.”

Allan : Will it be a trilogy as it was overtone on the first book or can it be more long ?
Patrick: It will definitely be three books. I might tell other stories in the world later on, but this story is only going to be three books. s

Allan : When are the next volume published ? (we will accept to have the American’s date ;p)
Patrick: There isn’t a publication date for the second book yet. We’re making sure the second book is as good as the first one, and that takes time.

Allan : In your book, we find all : Magic, War, Love, .. in good proportion : how do you do to equilibrate all this sides ?
Patrick: It takes a lot of work to balance everything out properly. It takes a lot of revision. For this first book, I must have revised it 3 or 4 hundred times.

Allan : The first part is very hard for Kvothe (in his yougth of course) : can we esperate the situation will be better for him in the next one ?
Patrick: Sorry. No spoilers. I always hate it when people give away parts of upcoming books or movies for me, so I’m not going to risk doing that to other people for my second book….

Allan : Have you some other projects actually ?
Patrick : I do. I’m writing a not-for-children children’s book that should be out before the end of the year. It’s a picture book, and the art has turned out to be really funny and disturbing. I don’t know if there are any plans to get it translated though….
I hope to do a graphic novel version of the books before too long as well. That’s an exciting thought for me.

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