Interview with Patricia Briggs – English

What decided to write?

I have been reading a lot since my childhood and sometimes I thank that the end of stories were bad. So, I decided to write them with my way. One day, an autor friend said me : « Why don’t you publish too? ». Then, with her support and my husband’s I made it. Pingouin’s Books, an american editor, answers yes for my manuscript intituled Mask.

Believed you in fantastic creatures?

I don’t believe like they are described in the novels. But I believe that somes humans are like vampires, because they inhale the force and the energy. I believe in ghosts too. Not ones which show on television or elsewhere, but ones which don’t see, the spirits.

How long take you to write a book?

At firts, one year. Today, the editor gives me six months, but sometimes I take height or night months. I try to keep a regular rythm with five pages per day. But I can write more : a part of the story can brings more ideas for the rest and I write 72 pages. I make eighteen hours days (her husband says that she’s unbereable in that moments). So much so that I don’t find my words « Up in the thing for drive! », my children say me « This is the car mum! »

You worked with Charlaine Harris for Strange Brews. Can you tell us how did you leave this experience?

I spent good time, but there is not exchange between the autors. To write my novel I had only one instruction, the word witch. We wrote the story alone and we sent the texts at Charlaine. She is a fantastic woman. This was a pleasure to collaborate with her.

I read that you was a friendship with a goblin, that’s true?

(Patricia Laughs) This was a joke for my biography. I find them so banal. I wanted to make something original. The idea came because I leaved near a mine. I think that it was credible to have a goblin in my garage.

How is born Mercy Thompson?

I wanted to write something else than the vampires, there is a lot! I wanted something less powerful than werewolves. The territory where I leaves is full of coyotes, Mercy must be an Indian for justify her nature. Regarding her job of mechanic, it come from the time when we were broke : we had two cars breakdown. With my husband, we decided to take the parts of the one and the other to work one. Moreover, there were Wolkswagen. So, because I acquired knowledges in motor, Mercy has become mechanic. I know how to repair a car, so I can write about this. This adds tension for Mercy in her daily life in addition to her metamorphosis.

You make a lot of researchs about the folklore. How do you find all this information?

Child, my grandsister read me many fary tales. So, I imagined my own creatures.Her husband explains us that she just have to dig into the huge quantity of folklore books in her bookcase.

What advices can you give for someone who wants to be published?

I recommend you to read. Very much. And of course, to write. For example, when you don’t like a passage of a story, re-write it. If you like it, understand the reason for it. View which it work very well at the moment. If you send something that the editor don’t publish, this will don’t work. And, obviously, if your book is good, you will all the chances to be published.

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